• Appetizers

    • Dynamite Shrimp


      Battered and fried to a golden brown, coated in your choice of creamy, sweet or hot sauce.

    • BBQ Shrimp


      Six pan-seared jumbo shrimp in white wine and BBQ sauce with fresh herbs.

    • Fried Mushrooms


      Coated in our house batter and fried. Served with ranch dressing.

    • Mozzarella Sticks


      Crispy mozzarella served with our homemade marinara sauce.

    • Jumbo Wings


      Your choice of regular or boneless. Six wings in mild, medium, hot, honey sriracha, or BBQ. Served with ranch or blue cheese.

    • Chicken Tenders


      Appetizer-sized portion of our hand battered chicken tenders. Served with your choice of ranch, honey mustard or BBQ sauce.

    • Nachos


      Fresh tortilla chips served with spacey beef or chicken. White cheese sauce, shredded lettuce, tomato, jalapeƱos and sriracha.

    • Chips & Salsa


      Fresh tortilla chips and a cup of salsa.

    • Sample Platter


      A sample size combination of any three appetizers and dipping sauces.

    • Salads

      Dressings: ranch, blue cheese, honey mustard, Italian, or caesar.

    • Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad


      Chargrilled chicken on fresh lettuce, shredded parmesan, croutons and caesar dressing.

    • Grilled or Fried Chicken Salad


      Chargrilled or fried chicken breast on fresh lettuce, tomato, red onions, croutons and cheddar.

    • BLT Salad


      Chopped bacon on fresh lettuce, with tomato and cheddar.

    • Chicken

    • Boneless Wing Platter


      Ten jumbo fried and boneless wings tossed in mild, medium or hot honey sriracha or BBQ sauce. Served with fries.

    • Chicken Tender Platter


      A huge portion of hand battered tenders. Available with BBQ, honey mustard, ranch or honey Sricacha sauce. Served with fries.

    • Jumbo Wing Platter


      Six jumbo wings in mild, medium or hot honey sriracha or BBQ sauce. Served with fries and celery and your choice of ranch or blue cheese for dipping.

      Add 2 more wings +$3

    • Burgers

    • Build-Your-Own Cherry Burger


      A hot and juice beef burger custom-built by you. Served with fries.

    • Build-Your-Own Sliders


      Three slider-size burgers custom-built by you. Served with fries.

    • Toppings

      • Sauce: ketchup, mustard, mayo, sriracha and hot sauce
      • Cheese: American, cheddar, swiss, provolone and pepper jack
      • Veggies: lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, jalapeƱo


      • Two strips of bacon +$1.50
      • Fried egg +$1
      • Extra patty +$3
    • Sandwiches

    • Grilled Chicken Sandwich

      Chargrilled chicken breast on a fresh bun, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Served with fries.
    • BBQ Bacon Grilled Chicken Sandwich

      BBQ grilled chicken breast on a fresh bun with Swiss, bacon, lettuce, onion and mayo. Served with fries.
    • Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

      Hand-cut chicken breast battered, deep-fried and smothered in Buffalo sauce. Served on a toasted roll with lettuce, red onion and side of ranch or blue cheese. Comes with fries.
    • 5-Cheese Grilled Cheese

      White American, Swiss, cheddar, provolone and pepper jack on sourdough bread. Served with fries.
    • Philly Cheese Steak

      Paper-thin sliced rib-eye steak, white American and provolone cheese, and onions. Mushrooms optional. Served with fries.
    • BLT

      Six pieces of applewood smoked bacon, lettuce and tomato on toasted, sourdough bread.
    • Specials

    • Ribeye Steak

      USDA Choice ribeye seasoned with our house herbs. Comes with a baked potato and side salad.
    • Blackened Chicken Alfredo

      Blackened chicken breast pan seared with mushrooms, shallots and tossed with pasta in a creamy parmesan cheese sauce. Served with a side salad.
    • Quesadilla

      Flour tortilla smothered with cheddar cheese, beef or chicken with shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes. Served with chips and salsa.
    • Fried Shrimp Basket

      8 large battered shrimp with two hush puppies and fries.
    • Sides

    • French Fries

    • Baked Potato

    • Loaded Potato

    • Onions Rings

    • Side House Salad

    • Side Caesar Salad

    • Dessert

      Sauces: chocolate, caramel, strawberry, cherry and white chocolate.

    • Cheesecake

      A generous slice of cheesecake with your choice of sauce.
    • Molten Lava Cake

      A warm, rich chocolate cake with a molten chocolate centre. Topped with premium vanilla bean ice cream and your choice of sauce.
    • Ice Cream

      Two scoops of chocolate or vanilla with your choice of sauce.